Do you use or are considering using medical cannabis?

The pharmacists at Centrum Pharmacy believe that medicinal cannabis is still in its infancy as a therapeutic medical tool. As such, we urge caution to our patients that are considering using cannabis treatments.

We are recommending an organization called the

The Clinic Network

They are an organization that provides telemedicine
consults with licensed medical professionals experienced
in medical cannabis treatment to advise our patients if medicinal cannabis is truly an option.

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How does it work?


Centrum Pharmacy will provide you with a referral, set you up
with a licensed professional, and give you access to reliable
education and counselling with The Clinic Network. We will
provide then with a summary of your medical conditions and
concerns and a list of your medications so that you can make an
informed decision on whether the use of medicinal cannabis is right for you. – the choice is yours.


Any questions? Don't hesitate to ask.

Your experience:


  • Complete a Pharmacy Screening Form, and review and sign our
    Consent Form. Be sure to include a complete list of current
  • You will be contacted via phone within 48 hours to set up a
    telemedicine consult to see if Medicinal Cannabis is the right
    option for you.
  • If so, an expert from The Clinic Network will review product
    options, discuss usage and titration, and assist you in
    registering with one of their licensed practitioner partners.
    They will also monitor and follow your treatment progress and
    recommend and changes as needed.
  • Its your choice. This service is free.


Disclaimer: The Clinic Network Provides Counselling Only and does not directly sell cannabis. They can however refer you to one of the over 200 reputable licensed growers in Ontario where you can purchase Standardized Medicinal Cannabis and use it in a way that is medically supervised.

Disclaimer: Centrum Pharmacy does NOT sell Cannabis. We feel that the therapeutic efficacy of medicinal cannabis is still not proven. We do not recommend the use of cannabis. We do feel that if you are going to use cannabis, that you do so in a safe, medically supervised manner.

Disclaimer: Centrum Pharmacy and The Clinic Network are two separate business entities that are not related in any manner.