By providing us with your email/phone address you have consented to our use of the contact information. 

What we use your email for:  

We won’t share your email/phone information with any other parties. 

We may use your email/phone to contact you when your prescription is ready to pick up as well as when to come in and refill your prescription if applicable. 

We will only share your email/phone with our prescription service directly involved with our      Pharmacy. 

To protect your personal health information, we will not communicate with you via email/text to   discuss personal health information, except for communicating whether or not your prescription(s) are ready to be picked up and or refilled. 

Risks of using electronic communication  

We will use exceptionally reasonable means to protect the security and confidentiality of information sent and received using email/texts. However, because of the risks outlined below, we cannot guarantee the security  and confidentiality of electronic communications:  


  • Use of electronic communications to discuss sensitive information can increase the risk of such  information being disclosed to third parties.  
  • Despite reasonable efforts to protect the privacy and security of electronic communication, it  is not possible to completely secure the information.  
  • Employers and online services may have a legal right to inspect and keep electronic  communications that pass through their system, within and outside of Canada. 
  • Electronic communications can introduce malware into a computer system, and potentially  damage or disrupt the computer, networks, and security settings.  
  • Electronic communications can be forwarded, intercepted, circulated, stored, or even changed  without the knowledge or permission of the Physician or the patient. 
  • Due to the sensitivity of the information, we recommend that you do not use a shared email/phone.

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