About Us

Conveniently located across from Orleans Family Health Clinic on Centrum Boulevard, Centrum Pharmacy has been serving patients since 1999.

At Centrum Pharmacy, it is our vision to help our clients and patients live longer, healthier lives by managing their prescription and non-prescription medications. Your family’s health matters to us. Our mission is to provide caring, complete, patient-centered pharmaceutical care and education for our customers.

We are committed to working with you and your doctor to develop health care solutions that are tailored fit to your needs. Our pharmacists are highly trained professionals who are dedicated to providing efficient, accurate prescription dispensing and a high standard of advice in a timely manner.

At Centrum Pharmacy, we are proud to offer personalized medication reviews through Ontario’s Medscheck Program. Feel free to drop in or call for free, friendly advice from one of our qualified pharmacists. We can assist you in choosing the right products to suit your needsbook a consultation today.

We focus on providing products and services related to all aspects of health care. Whether you need to fill a prescription from our dispensary, or are looking for a blood pressure monitor, you will receive personalized assistance from our pharmacists and staff to help you make informed decisions about your health and your family’s health.

Our aim at Centrum Pharmacy is to help our patients achieve positive therapeutic outcomes. Our ultimate goal is to work with you and your physician to provide treatment that is optimized for you.

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